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At Premier Soccer Academy we are passionate about training youth athletes in their pursuit of short and long term goals. We train players on the principle that exercises need to be decision-based and fundamental to the development of a youth athlete. The primary objective of Premier Academy Team Program is to prepare the individual player for post secondary opportunities through our comprehensive full-time training program. Players will improve their technical ability, develop tactical awareness and game intelligence. The program allows players aged 8 to 20, to train and play matches year round in a professional training environment.

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Latest News

Josh White receives Large Athletic Scholarship! Culver Stockton in the NAIA Varsity Division recruits Premier Academy’s 2004 captain!

Taya Shokker makes Altitude’s new semi-professional team in the inaugural season of BCLeague1! Well done TAYA!!!

Premier Academy is excited about our August 2022 announcement. The two year wait to announce the next phase in our sporting in-fracture will be worth the wait!



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