Premier Soccer Academy



The primary objective of Premier Academy Full Time Development Program is to prepare the individual player for professional football trials and collegiate scholarship opportunities through our comprehensive full-time training program. Players will improve their technical ability, develop tactical awareness and game intelligence. The program allows players aged 8 to 19, to train and play matches year round in a professional training environment.

Academy Full-Time Program

Timeline: March 15th, 2021 to March 15th, 2022
Training Frequency : Outdoor Season = x3 per week & Indoor Season= x2 per week
Futsal Sessions: Yes
Games & Tournaments: Weekly
Location: Port Coquitlam
Cost: Contact Us For Details
(Low income scholarships are available)

Note: Academy Training Gear is mandatory

Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive full week, year round development training program for players aged 8 to 19.

  • Designed to develop the individual player within the team context

  • Training focuses on Development of Technical Skills, Tactical Awareness and Football Intelligence

  • Academy Team plays weekly games and tournaments throughout the 12 month season

  • Competition versus clubs and academies across the lower mainland, Okanagan, Victoria, Washington State and Oregon State

  • Tactical analysis via classroom sessions

  • Most matches per year are filmed and available to review, and edit for their own highlight reels in order to have for professional trials and college recruitment purposes

  • Mentorship Program and assistance available for players seeking to pursue a professional career or collegiate soccer scholarship opportunities

Goal Keeper Training

Premier Academy offers small group goalie sessions coached by our professional goalie trainer twice per week. The modern day goalkeeper is very much an outfield player. Premier Academy incorporates our goalkeepers in the team training sessions to ensure they develop the skills required to play the position effectively in today’s game.


Premier Academy conducts open tryouts. Any player can request an individual tryout at any point in the program year at no cost. The player will be invited to train with the Team for up to 2 weeks before a determination is made on whether the player is a good fit for the program.

To request a tryout, please fill out the contact us template.

Global Training Oppurtunity

Premier’s staff have experience playing local and abroad and know that many player’s dreams are to train with professional clubs in South America or Europe. At Premier we are establishing a network of connections to provide players with the opportunity to train for 30 days during a specific time of the year. The purpose is for them to continue their soccer learning & development, prepare for University or a professional trial, or even to gain some additional life experience. This opportunity is designed for a specific player with professional motivation and drive to reach his/her full potential.

Player Management

An aspect of a professional youth development program is management. A significant area where parents completely miss the value of proper professional guidance for the player’s youth career, mentality, and physical and mental approach to their training and games. At Premier we guide the player through their youth career by working with them on and off the field. This includes: nutrition & hydration, rest and recovery, school grades, sleep habits, field position, their specific role on the team, leadership skills, and isolation skills and exercises to do on their own. However, since Premiere is an Academy and want all our athletes to reach their full potential, our staff navigate them using written projects & assignments. This means: short and long goal settings every year while using the S.M.A.R.T. technique, and player assessment reviews. Premier athletes conduct homework projects on professional clubs, University applications, and the difference between all the Collegiate options: NAIA, NCAA, Canadian USport & Junior Colleges or CCAA

Life's Core Values

The infrastructure of our Academy is designed to implement life’s core values where the player can learn & take away from the Academy and sport in order to apply them to everyday life & their future career . This might include: self-awareness, self reflection, ambition, hard work, discipline, being punctual, respect, team-work, communication with peers / instructors (boss), leadership skills and how to lead, passion, accountability, professionalism, integrity, desire to learn, being positive, sportsmanship, being patient, being coachable, resilient, having a positive attitude, and helpful to others.